January 2018 Updates - Live Chat, IP Address, Multilingual and more

Hi all,

Phew! 2018 has been an awesome start for us at Collect.chat.

Our customer base is growing and so are the feature requests! :yum:

I am here to update you on some changes that have happened over the past month.

  • Embed the chatbot: We have been testing this for some time. Some of you may have seen this in the dashboard already. With this option, you can add the chatbot under an iframe (a small container) inside your website. In other words, you can make any part of your website conversational! Many of our customers have already got rid of the forms on their Contact page and has switched to these embeddable bots. Click here to know more.

  • Share the chatbot: Basically this allows you to share the chatbot via a single link. You can share it via email or on your social media to collect feedbacks. The conversational style of questions will get you more answers than a usual survey. It will take up the whole page (example). Click here to know more.

  • More Platforms: We showed you how you can add the bot to your Squarespace and Shopify sites. Now you can also add the bot to your Wix, Weebly and BigCommerce sites.

  • Multiple Language Support: This is not a new feature! It seems we have done a poor job at making this announcement. So in case, you didn’t know already you can create the chatbot in any language you like. Click here to know more.

  • Optional Back Button: You may know that we had Skip button for some questions in the bot. Now additionally you can add a Back button as well. This will allow users to go to the previous question in the conversation flow.

  • Custom Invoicing: We had a few requests from our customers for additional invoices on top of the Stripe payment receipts that we are sending them. We seriously considered this request and has added the same. If any of you wants a more detailed invoice, just drop a mail to care@collect.chat.

  • IP Address data: The IP address information is one that helps you understand your audience better, especially if you are using a CRM at the other end. Therefore, we have added a special key for IP address under Settings>Integration. Now you can send this to your database or any tool using Zapier or REST API.

  • Live Chat Hybrid: It seems, some of our users would like to use our chatbot when they are offline and a live chat solution whenever they are online. It was not an easy task, but we did it anyway :sunglasses:.
    If you goto Settings> User Targeting, you will see the option called - Auto Hide while live chat agent is online. With this feature, you don’t have to make any changes to your live chat tool. We take care of it. When the agent goes offline, our bot will spring into action automatically. It’s so cool!
    As of now, this works well with LiveChat, Zopim (Zendesk) and Tawk.to. If you are using some other live chat tool and want the same feature, let us know in the comments.

  • Disable the Bot: Collect.chat’t bots only require you to paste the code once. All the other changes you make in the dashboard are reflected automatically. So while you are editing the bot, you may want to disable it temporarily. Just goto Settings>General and you will find the option for the same.

  • Affiliate Program: Many of you expressed interest in being an affiliate for Collect.chat. So we partnered with FirstPromoter to make a program specially for this. Click here to know more.

So that’s what has been happening. Read our changelog to know more details.

Lots more cool features are in the making. Do let us know in the comment section, what awesome feature you are looking towards to the most.





Are you asking for integration to these tools?

Here is the FreshDesk integration - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/60869-freshdesk