It's not sending data with the Integration with google sheets




It seems that the integration with google sheets its failing, beacuse I can see responses on the website but my google sheet has no updates with new data. I’ve erase and created again and again new data but It makes no change.




Sorry to hear that.

Are you on standard plan or above? Because our integration will only work then.

Did you try removing the integration from google account page ?

Please let me know.



Hi shyjal,

Of course I have the Plus license. I tried removing back and for all day, cleaning cache, again giving and remocing permissions, but integrations with google sheets keeps failling in one of our chatbots. We don’t understand because we have another chatbot and the integration with that one works.

What can we do?

Alfredo Jose


Hi Alfredo,

Could you please mail us at [email protected] and share your account email & bot ID details so that we can investigate?

Kind regards,
Sibel from