Hey Team, we working with in germany, but the GDPR isn’t so good for us here. We wanna use a second integration like zapier but we have a european solution it calls Integromat, can you integrate this connection?

We like your chatbot solution, it’s much better than manychat. We have big projects for our customer and we need more features :slight_smile:

A good feature will be a push-notification on smartphone. There is a website it calls sendinblue maybe there is a way to integrate it to.

Is there a opportunity to integrate a delay when a dialog pops up? Like manychat have. You can add a setting, that a answer comes within 5 or 10 seconds or maybe more or less. That will be really great if you guys integrate it. It is not a big deal I guess in coding.

Thank you very much for your solution, it makes me and my customer really happy.


Hey there,

Thanks for your interest in Let me try to answer your questions, one by one.

  1. You mentioned GDPR isn’t good enough for you. Can you please elaborate on that? Perhaps a mail to [email protected] on this note, will be very helpful for us to understand the matter.

  2. Yes, you can integrate with Integromat. Some of our users already use that. For this, you will be using the webhooks in under Integrate. This article mentions about integromat -

  3. We are working on a mobile app that will enable you to have the push notifications.

  4. Delay is already available. Please see here -

  5. And regarding SendinBlue integration, that’s also possible via Integromat or Zapier.

If you are facing issues, please mail to [email protected] and if you have feedbacks, please share them here -

Thanks and Regards,
Aslam from


Hi Aslam,

thanks for your reply. Here I give you now a few tipps!

For GDPR in Europe we need the option, that cutomers can delete her or his user files. In manychat you can enter it, so that member press a butto like “delete personal files” for example.

With the integration of Integromat I found it, but your example in your help center isn’t current. Maybe you can integrate an example video for this Integration? I have no clue what the part “Key…” mean. You see it if you integrated a webhook and you will edit it. You see in each question or textblock a “Key…” part, what kind of Key you mean? Maybe the API for the applications you want to integrate?

My next question is, a delay for any textblock or questionblock will be really nice. Like manychat have. It would be great if you can set a delay when a answer should reply.

The next thing what we really appreciate is, the opportunity to insert a submenü, what is always show if you press it. Manychat got this opportunity.

For Example:

The last thing: Is it possible that can can insert a statistic tool? It would be really nice if our customers can see how their chatbot is performe. Open rate of questions, interaction rate and all that things. This will boost to a higher level.

Anyway I really love You doing it pretty well, so I guess if we customer tell you guys, what you need for better usabillity I’m sure you can handle to world market with your solution.

Your pricing is at the moment a bit high, If people use manychat, they pay 10$ every month and have much more possibilities like better overview in statistics… But your design possibilities are much better than manychat.

At the moment we use a combination between manychat and because have opportunities that manychat doesn’t have and vise versa. I plan to switch complete to but first we need this more options what I told you here.

Thank you very much and keep on doing :slight_smile:

Thank you for your great work here.


I checked it but We haven’t the delay possibility.

We use the landingpage mode, maybe you didn’t integrate this solution in this menü?


Ok now I see the problem!

This is just a delay for the hole widget, when it showing up. This isn’t what I mean. I mean a opportunity to set-up a special Delay for each different chatblock before it’s showing up. We just use the landingpage-modul, because this is the best solution we need.

Here is what I mean, for better understanding :slight_smile:


Hey there,

To control the speed of the conversation, we have recommended a method here -

If you still feel that you need to raise a feature request, please share it here -



Yeah I saw this. Thanks for this tip but in business use here in Germany we would like to have this option, because the customers haven’t that much time to click through our chatbots so this time we can’t waste with more and bigger dialogues you know what I mean?

It’s a bit different to say, we can create shorter texts, we already have really short texts but this isn’t enough. We’re looking from a psychological effect in marketing.

I know that you have to do new coding within the javascript in this software, maybe you can do it. It would helps many business to make better marketing.

What about my other requests?



I understand your requirement. Currently we only accept all feature requests here.

And we see how many of our customers are asking for this feature. If other customers feel the same way, then we consider the request.

The way we see it is that, you are trying to add the delay to make the chatbot more human in nature. That might backfire sometimes. It’s always better to make it evident that the widget is a chatbot and not a real human at the other end.