Integration with Wordpress Forms

Hello, Can you auto-fill wordpress forms from These are one of the features I want to add to my Intranet and company website.

For example I have a support ticket form in the Intranet website with basic data to create a ticket to my IT department. Name, telephone, email, Type of problem or request and description. This information then is sent to an email to my ticket ITIL system and create a new case.

Can I hunt the information from and complete the form? Or send the information to an specific email directly when the conversation finishes?

Thanks. I am Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Welcome to :slight_smile:

Have you seen our email notifications (

The data collected by our chatbots can be sent to any email address you choose.

We also have a WordPress Plugin -

With this, you can eliminate your forms completely and use for collecting data. I hope this answers your question.


Hello Aslam, thanks for your quick answer. Yes, I’ve seen these options. But what I want to do is not to end the conversation with “Please send us a ticket and fill the form” as usual, if I have just chat with the user.

I’ve attached my form below.

Is there a possibility to fill the form from Collect.Chat where it ask for “name”, “email”, “type of request”, “service” and “details”, autocomplete and send it? Zapier??? I don´t know how to use it.

In the meantime I have already bought it and I am trying to setup the logical jump. Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi Sebastian,

You don’t need to redirect user at end of conversation saying “Please send us a ticket and fill the form”. can replace this entire form.

You need to add questions for each of these form fields in our dashboard’s script section (How to make a Chatbot - Create Chatbot for Websites | - YouTube this video can help you on using the script section)

For asking email you can use “Email” question, for options you can choose “Multi Choice” question.

After creating questions for each form fields you need to share the bot to your users.

For sharing the bot you can either install as a widget in your existing webpage or just use link to share it over email, social media or SMS (Get back to me if you have questions on this part)

After sharing when a user responds to your bot you will automatically receive an email containing that information.