I need to send user ID with the link


We want to use the chatbot to complement the sales process for a restaurant. However we have to SEND the USER ID with the URL before the chatbot is opened. Also the chatbot need to keep this USER ID somewhere.
After the chatbot completes the questions, the USER ID also needs to be delivered to the webhook.

Can you point me how to acomplish the USER ID handling?

Thanks in advance!!

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We support sending custom data as URL parameters. You need to set the key which you will be using for the user ID in the bot settings.

Have a look at https://help.collect.chat/article/show/85448-add-custom-data-to-response for more information.

Feel free to reply if you are facing any difficulty.


Hi Shyjal

I tried the custom key feature for our email campaigns. The idea was if we know the name and email id, the bot doesn’t have to ask those questions. Or does it just mean that we capture it ?


was the one i tried.but when a user clicks from email, the bot still asks name and email id. Or is it not the purpose of this feature ?


We built the feature custom URL/API fields just to do this.

You can use URL structure like

And then go to Bot settings > Response > Custom URL/API fields and explicitly specify the custom keys (fname, sname, email) you need to capture.

Once you have done this, you won’t need to collect these data inside the bot.