How to set up Google Analytics? (Yes I read the guide but last step is missing)



Heya all!

Very happy with the chatbot! I know there’s the guide and this topic already.

But the last step isn’t clear to me.

So the event is “CollectChatComplete”. What do I fill in as goal on Google Analytics? Like this?

Custom goal
Category = Chatbot (this can be anything I guess)
Action = CollectChatComplete
Label = Complete
Value =greater than 1

Like that?


Measure only collected emails for Google Tag Manager / Analytics / Google Ads

Hi Jaap,

Thanks for trying


For setting Goal of completed conversations, you may set the goal as above.

Category = Bot ID or empty
Action = CollectChatComplete
Label = empty
Value = empty

You need to provide the Bot ID only if you have multiple chatbots, else you can set that to empty. I hope this answers your question.



OK thanks, this works! It’d be good for you guys to update the guide with this info I think.