How to send a unique ID for each response

Hi thee,

Here is a tricky one :slight_smile:

I need to send conversations to a third part. This third part wants to receive a unique ID with each response. For example, the conversation with prospect John shall have ID 12, then the next conversation with Mark shall have ID 13, and so on.

How do I do this with this ChatBot ? :thinking:

Any tip to suggest ?

Thanks :wink:

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Are you using webhook to connect with third-party app? Which third-party app are you using, is it a CRM?

We do not have unique ids for each customers. You can use unique fields like his email to identify/distinguish each users.

Another unique thing we send is the subject of our email notifications.

Let me know if you need further help on this.


Hi Shyjal,

I have set a webhook, but it’s not working at the moment…:disappointed_relieved:.

I will open another topic on the community about this matter, but for now I need all fields to be operational.

The trouble is : I need to send a unique ID for each lead via a webhook. Any tip for this ?

Hi there

We did have some issues with Webhooks. It is fixed as of now.

Can you please check now and let us know!

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Hi Team
I want to know that we can add website API in the bot. We want this bot to convert the user into sales for example if a user is coming on our website and he want to Explore from Gemstones, then we want type of gemstone , color of gemstone in that chat.
Means complete filter option in the chat
do you have any live chat support coz every time i have to send you email and wait for 24hr for your reply .
Visit :

Hi there,

I am sorry to tell you that we don’t have such an API. In our chatbots the conversation is predesigned.

So you cannot bring the data from an external server to the chatbot conversation.

Let me know, if we can assist you in a different way.