How to Properly Greet Customers

Hello .chat community,
So, for starters, I am loving the work that Anna (the name we gave our bot after a famous Swedish song) is doing but we stumbled upon an issue. The people coming into the site are greeted by our lovely chatbot but they seem to believe she is “real” up until they notice the questions after are not something a human would immediately lead to. The question I have is, what are some creative ways to immediately let the users know that your bot is a bot and not a live person?

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I love this question.

Our general advice is “Don’t pretend that it is human”. Wrong expectations can give a bad experience to your customer.

Have a look at these guys - Straight up they start with a nice graphic animation and confess that they are not a real person. That sets the right tone.

So a few tips could be:

  • Don’t make the bot more human if you have a longer conversation. Users will figure it out very easily.
  • Make it obvious that it is a friendly assistant who is there to help them.
  • Use Graphics at the beginning of the conversation to catch their attention.
  • Start with options to choose from rather than text-based questions, where the user has to type. Users love to click more than having to type.

I hope this helps. Have a look at our templates - to get some inspiration.