How to do logical jump based on current time?



I want to jump conversation based on current time. How can I achieve it? For example, if time is between 9:00 to 5:00 pm, I want to connect them to live support. What approach should I use?



Hi James,

I understand your request.

You want to have the chatbot during offline hours and a live chat tool during work hours. Firstly, we don’t have a Live chat functionality and therefore you will have to use another tool for the same.

You can set our chatbot to appear during a set hour or date as described here -

And if you have similar settings on the live chat tool you are using, you can use the same there as well.

I hope this is helpful,

Aslam from
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Thanks for the information.

Is there a way to check the time of user’s reply? or the time of end of conversation? or any time? I can put link for live chat tool if I can check the time.



Hi James,

We do save the time information for every response that is collected. If you goto Dashboard > Results > Responses, you will see a column “Time”.

This marks the time on which the user completed the conversation.

The same information is available in our integrations as well.

Aslam from
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