How to configure multiple bots on multiple pages in WordPress


I want to configure two bots to be shown on different subsections on my site.


bot 1


Bot 2


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For this, you have to make use of the targeting features of the widget.

Please read through.

You will need to paste code snippet of Bot 1 on section 1 and then apply the show rules accordingly

And then paste code snippet of Bot 2 on section 2 and do the same.

Here is what you should remember, the bot will load wherever the respective code snippet has been provided. Once the bot loads, it looks for the rules in the Settings page, to see if it has permission to load on that page under those circumstances.

Please try it and let us know if you need help,
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Im doing that but the bot is not presented on child pages although configured on bot backend

so in the page1 configuration in WordPress im configuring bot1 and then in bot1 in ‘Show On’ Im adding the child pages of page1

Example :
Page1 url example/payment-methods configured with bot1 to be presented and is presented well on the page when page is loaded.

when i configure ‘Show On’ section of bot1 with

the bot is not presented on those child pages for example on page example/payment-methods/countries/ or example/payment-methods/countries/canada/

please help.
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I believe I would need your website address, the URLs in question and the chatbot IDs of the bot to have a better look at how you configured it.

Can you please write to with these details?

By the looks of it, the targeting rules in “Show on” seems to be correct. (https://example/payment-methods/* is what you must have given I presume). The issue could be that the code snippet has not been added properly.

Let’s take a better look and I can help you further,

email with more details send to

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