Hide launcher message after the user closes the chat

Hello! I am looking for a solution that was supposedly stated here Collect.chat but the link is broken.
The issue was discussed here How to get chat to stay closed once user clicks X? - #18 by f.galletti

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Hi there,

We had migrated our help.center. That is why the article is not reachable.

Also we have a welcome message concept at the moment.

For repeating visitors, you can hide the welcome message using the steps mentioned here - Hide welcome message for repeating visitors | Collect.chat Help Center. It requires you to add additional code in the same place where you have added the code snippet.


If you want to hide the chatbot for a website visitor for a user who has already answered, you can follow this guide here - Show or Hide the chatbot based on device | Collect.chat Help Center

I hope this answer helps!

Aslam from Collect.chat

Hi! Thank you for the answer, but my question still persists: how can i keep the chat closed after the visitor hits X button? Even when they didnt answer questions. Currently we have a message popping up on an every single page the user visits and it is annoying

Hi there,

It is not clear if you are referring to the chatbot as a whole or just the welcome message part.

If you have enabled auto-open, then the behaviour is that the chatbot will not open again for a customer who has clicked on close button.

For more help please reach.at/collectchat and we will be happy to assist you.

Aslam from Collect.chat