Hide chatbot after end of conversation


I’m working on configuring the behavior and display settings of a chatbot using the “HIDE after 2 displays or if the chat is completed” option. My chatbot offers a -5% promo code with a “Yes/No” button choice. If a user completes the chat by accepting the offer, the chat is considered completed, and the chatbot doesn’t reappear, which works as intended. However, I’d like to also prevent the chatbot from reappearing if a user selects “No” to the offer, treating it as if the chat had been completed. How can I achieve this?

Thank you!


You can make use of the logical jump feature to make the “No” option the end of the conversation.

Please let us know how that goes.

Yes, but it is not detected as “completed conversation” and then the chatbot continue to appear even if I clicked “no” or “cross icon”.

I tried your chatbot. I clicked “no,” but the chatbot was hidden when I revisited the site.

Do you have issues with the chatbot being hidden after clicking no? If so, please make a screen recording of the exact problem and email it to us at care@collect.chat. We will then take care of it.