Fields validation using Regex


Is there a way to validate fields (leads answers ) using Regex?


Hi there,

We don’t have that at the moment. Can you tell me what kind of validation you wished to perform using regex?

Perhaps that might be an alternative method.



Actually, I would like that too. I want to validate Australian mobile numbers as well as numerics where $ symbol and a comma may be used. Any help would be appreciated


Yes, it would be great.
I need it to validate brazilian cell phones format, and the CPF(Brazilian citizen ID document) format.


Hey @cavatoni and @khaledmobarek,

For phone number validation we have SMS OTP verification method.

You just need to use the phone number type as described here -

And for accepting $ figure, we recommend using the range type and adding a prefix “$” -

I hope these answers your requirements. If not, please let us know in detail.

Aslam from