Feature Requests Thread

We are constantly improving the product based on feedback from our beloved customers.

If you have any specific UX suggestion, let me know here or mail me at shyjal@collect.chat

Chatbots are increasingly used for replacing or substituting F.A.Q. section of a website/service. In ideal case scenario you could use the submitted questions to build your FAQ chatbot stronger overtime.

For this it would be great to have a FAQ button in the menu (like Schedule appointment). Then you could link it to a google sheet template with following columns. Example of the Google Sheet template can be found here:

  1. Category of question
  2. Name of the question
  3. Synonym phrases for the question
  4. Corresponding keywords (more keywords, the higher points of a match)
  5. FAQ answer text
  6. Latest revision date
  7. Language ID

When user responds to the custom FAQ question it will try to match up the question to the google sheet and provide suggestions for answer. If no answer found offer contact details / live chat and tell politely that the chatbot will learn to answer this next time, thank you for helping the bot to become more intelligent.

Storing unanswered questions inside the google sheet ready for categorization and response to be written manually.

This would allow us users to build custom FAQ while you guys develop this custom question that can read and interpret data from the Google Sheet template.

Bonus feature: Google sheet has Google translate function which could enabled to create and maintain a duplicate of the original version. All responses would be autotranslated and then you can mark a column tab that will disable the autotranslation for that row in the future and you can then proceed to manually finetune the translation.

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Hi all,i am new here and just set up my first bot.I have installed the the widget on my website,however,the avatar just lurks at the bottom right of my screen.
what i want it to do is not appear until the reader is about 60% through the post,then i want it to pop up and be noticeable to the reader,instead of just the avatar showing.how doi do this?

Hi Yahya,

We have a scroll-based Trigger. You can find this in Settings > Behaviour

Aslam from Collect.chat

Now that the new UX has been rolled out, what is your opinion on the further development potential for the logical jump check value feature:

If bot could run a check against a linked google sheet column A and provide an answer from the same row column B it would allow anyone to create a quite sophisticated bot with minimal development knowledge.

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Hi Juho,

You want to fetch data from a Google Sheet (Or from any other place) inside the chatbot. This is a feature that’s most frequently asked.

I can tell you that it’s in our product roadmap. Just curious, in this particular case, what sort of question would you link to the sheet and fetch values from?

Can you share the example you had in mind please?

Aslam from Collect.chat

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Glad to hear your feature list is on a continuous growth trend.

I will illustrate couple points why this feature would be useful for my future projects and two use cases:

  • Allowing to offer a wider nagivation structure for the bot with less clicks (compared to long multi choice question on a small mobile screen)
  • Allowing to improve the user experience when the bot can deliver a pre-written message or follow-up option based on the user’s short text input
  • Constructing more advanced bots without making the number of chat boxes grow expotentially

Use case A) Travel lodging operator room specific chat bot "concierge"

Am in the process of building a chatbot for a lodge operator. We will place a welcome paper with room specific QR code/URL to each room (they are in various addresses in the resort area). We would like to offer a simple + short navigation path to top requests (order transport, book activity, call reception) and questions (when is checkout, where can report a fault etc.).

Google sheet could be prefilled and updated regularly to cover more user generated inquiries. Possible structure in the google sheet:

Column A = tags or exact phrase (unique words and phrases that help the bot to provide an answer quickly)
Column B = Response text (simple text that can provide a very tailored experience for the visitor)
Column C = Response action (can be a chat dialogue box unique ID or URL the user can visit)
Column D = Language variant (this would be entirely optional, not part of the MVP, the bot could take into account the visitor’s browser agent info for language and choose response accordingly)

Use case B) Tailoring response based on the inputted address for an online booking

Visitor wants to book an experience and as part of the order enters the address. Address includes the postal code or town name after which the final confirmation response should be adjusted (for example certain postal codes are further away in distance and should be accepted by the booking person).

This latter one exists in theory already in the chat logical jump feature, but it would be much easier to enter 100 postal codes to a google sheet and corresponding answer compared to manually configuring each value in the existing UX.

Other users welcome to contribute their thoughts, these just my 2 cents on the topic :sunglasses:

Perfect. Thanks for sharing. We will consider this, when the feature is being built.


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