Facebook Pixel Integration

I’ve got a little bot working for a campaign regardin loans. We found the google analytics integration great, and really useful. However, now my SEM team working on the site is asking about facebook pixel integrations available. Is there something akin, or tools that facilitate measuring facebook traffic going trough the site and converting through the bot?


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We have added Facebook pixel integration just like google analytics. You just need to collect your pixel ID from https://www.facebook.com/events_manager page and paste it on our Dashboard > Settings > Tracking section.

The custom events ‘CollectChatView’, ‘CollectChatStart’ and ‘CollectChatComplete’ can be used to track your conversion goals or build custom audience for retargeting.

Please shoot an email to care@collect.chat if you need further help on this.


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Thanks a los Shyjal! This was exactly what we were looking for.


Detailed steps are available here - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/75227-facebook-pixel