European GDPR Law

In order to comply with the European GDPR Law I would like to ad a tekst and link to the privacy settings. Are there users with examples or ideas how to do this?
I’ll share mine when I’m fixed.


Hey there,

That’s a good point!

You can leave the links to you privacy policy using the Links option in the Script section. It would be interesting to see how others are approaching the problem.


@jeroen Sounds great. I would appreciate it a lot, if you could share your idea of this text! Thanks

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This case-study of Cigniti - might be interesting.

They ask the user to agree to the terms and privacy before data collection. It’s a basic setup of what @jeroen is implying at.

I just amended our chat script for our company’s website, it should work well enough for GDPR. If the user selects “no” we just remove their data… and presumably also not contact them:

The first bubble is a Links, the second is a Multi Choice.

I’d prefer to have a checkbox before any data collection occurs, and the user has to tick it to proceed, but with the way it’s currently setup this appears to be the best solution.

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