End of Chatbot Conversation options


Should the chatbot disappear completely when the user gets to the end of a conversation? Or can it be made to be on standby in a minimized state? I would like it if the chatbot could return to a minimized state. Is that possible and/or user friendly?



Auto closing, when the user is interacting with an element, is abrupt and I think it will be a bad UX. There is a close button for the chatbot widget and if they think they want to exit the interface they can always click on close.

Do you think people are not notificing the close button? What is your exact usecase/concern.


Hi Shyal, Thanks for your response.

What I am wondering is if:

someone arrives at the website
the Chatbot starts up
they choose to end the chat session
the chatbot disappears completely

Is there a way to make have the chatbot go to its minimized state instead?
Thank you


When a visitor clicks the close, only the main chat window hides and the launcher button with an avatar on the bottom will be there itself.

It will be in a minimised state and they can always continue the conversation where they left off by clicking on the avatar.