End conversation without sending email notification conditionally



is it possible to disable the chatbot email notification after a certain response?

We have logical jump in the middle of the chatbot conversation that redirects users to our online shop. We would like to disable the email notification if a user hits this logical jump because the notification contains no useful data to us (no contact info inputted yet etc.).

Supposedly I could set the To email address to a my own email and use the To-Filters option to send only the proper notifications to sales department but this seems a bit hacky to me. Is there a better way to accomplish this?


Hi there,

You are actually you are on the right track.

  1. Turn on the email notifications

  2. Remove the main email from the “To” field in Settings > Notification

  3. Add the email address only in the “To-filters” for the Logical jumps you require.

Have you already tried this? Please let me know,