End Conversation and Close Chatbot?

I am wondering if there is a way currently (or in the future) to close the chatbot once the user reaches a definitive end of a conversation.

For example, the customer supplies their name and email, the chatbot thanks them and then says goodbye. We could maybe then have a logical jump of ‘end conversation-close bot’. This would also reset the conversation as well.

Does this make sense?

Hi there,

When the user completes the conversation, a cookie named ’ collect_chat_completed ’ is set. So with a bit of JavaScript programming you can do what you have in mind.

All you need to is to call the method - collectchat.close() when you the above cookie is set. That will automatically close the chatbot, if the user hasn’t already. I would suggest adding a small timer as well.

Please take the help of a developer to do this. The additional code has to go in the page where you added the chatbot snippet code.

BTW the conversation is reset, everytime the End of Conversation is reached. There is indeed a setting in Logical Jump to the “End of Conversation”.