Embed chat has strange 'blue orange' background in IE11

I have created a embedded chat bot with a custom color. It shows the correct color in all browsers, except Internet Explorer 11. When I check the website in IE11 I see (a part of) the ‘blue orange’ background, which is also visible in the preview screen. In other browsers like Chrome/Firefox/Edge the correct custom color is used as background.

Is this a known feature to make sure it works in IE11 or can I somehow fix this so it is also properly displayed in IE11?

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Hi there,

Can you send us the following information, so that we can have a better look at this?

  • Your Bot ID
  • The web page where you have added the chatbot
  • A screenshot showing the blue-orange background

This will help us to investigate the issue and solve them.

Aslam from Collect.chat

It happens with the following 2 embedded chatbots:

Ondersteuning : ETNA (ID = 5e561ac4011548247129a661)
Ondersteuning : Pelgrim (ID = 5e5617d0011548247129a642)

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Thank you for the detailed information.

We were able to find and fix the issue that was specific to Internet explorer.

Please check your website in IE 11 now and let us know.


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Thank you for the fix, it seems correct now indeed.

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As it concerns the same bots, I have another question. Hopefully it is ok to start that in this topic.

Our bots have multiple user choices if they were helped by a specific answer. However, when I check the list or insights, I see al those answers as a yes or no. So it is impossible for me to see at what question they actually said yes or no if they were helped enough.

Could this be caused by the fact that I duplicated those yes/no answers? Or how can I optimize this?

We will need to have a better look at your Bot for this.

Can you please send a mail to customer care: care@collect.chat on this issue with your Bot ID?

That will allow us to assist you better.

Aslam from Collect.chat