Disappointing responses

I’m new to this. I’m not getting the kinds of responses I had hoped. People enter their name and email address and nothing else. Have I made my script too complicated or too long? Any advice would be appreciated.

I am sorry that you are not getting the expected result. This mainly happens because of the following reasons

  • Poor quality of traffic on your website
  • Questions you ask in the bot are not straight forward, or the script is very lengthy

Bots that are short and precise give maximum result as per our experience. I would suggest you ask only what you really need and follow up them with rest of the questions. Also, you can ask the important questions at first like their contact information.

One more thing, Customers that are really interested in your service would complete the flow. So the bot qualifies leads and filters out bad leads in an indirect way.

Let me know your thoughts

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Does the bot qualify itself as a robot?

This is very important.
People don’t like to spend time on chatting with what they guess to be an human, only to discover later that is not.

My suggestion; first make clear is a BOT.

This help me a lot.


It is entirely up to you whether or not to disclose that they are talking to a bot.

We have seen some people augmenting human-like interaction using bots and getting good results.