Different Bots for Different Pages on Website

I just discovered your website. I love the idea for user onboarding. without having to enter all of the pages I don’t want the bot to appear on is there a way to do the exact opposite. I would like the bot to present different items based on the page. On the Home page i might want it to be more like a traditional onboard. Such as “Here are a few things you can do on the site” then present some links. Where as on a different page I might want to present an all new set of links or menu items. I appreciate you help.

This is very doable Scott. We actually discussed this in another thread. I will enlighten you again.

What you need to do is create multiple bots. (You can create unlimited bots in your account).

So goto your dashboard and make 3 bots say BotX, BotA and BotB
BotX is your landing page bot.
BotA is your special bot for the pricing page.
BotB is your special bot for some other page.

The trick is where you paste the snippet code. You have to paste the code, before the closing body tag () of the respective page. If you paste the snippet in header or footer, the bots will appear on all pages.

A lot of users are already using this method to use bots in multiple languages on their multilingual website. If it is not clear, I shall explain again with more details.

What if I am using the Wordpress Plugin? How do I use multiple bots?

Multiple bots are not possible via the WordPress plugin at the moment. You will have to follow the above method to get your results.

Also, we are working on another routing feature, which will allow varied conversations under a single bot. That is where we are headed. It is under work though.

@aslam - Thank you for the help. My site is still under development so if are looking for beta testers for varied conversations under a single bot please let me know. I would love to help.

Sure Scott. I will keep you updated.

Hi aslam, probably one of the best chatbots I have seen to date. We can have multiple bots on different pages if we edit our functions.php template?

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Hey @eric & @scott,

For time being I would suggest you to use some simple plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/oh-add-script-header-footer/ to add different bots to different pages.

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@shyjal - That worked. You are awesome. If I am using the plugin correctly it should allow me to create a different bot for every page I need. Thank you for the help.


Is there a way to do this in Google Tag Manager? It would help with different bot scripts loading on different pages.

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Yes, You can use google tag manager’s custom html to create multiple tags for different bot scripts and set different triggers on each.

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