Date Script Type - Day of Week Selector


In the date script type – would like to be able to have the option of selecting which days of the week are displayed as options. For example: if the client doesn’t deliver on Saturday and/or Sunday I could disable them - so the user would not be able to choose them as options. Thank you!


Hi again,

Currently we have the Date Type and Appointment type to accept time input.

Date Type accepts only date and Appointment type accepts both date & time and reserves a time slot.

The availability feature you mentioned is currently available in the Appointment type. Do you think that will solve your need or do you need this setting in the Date type to solve your problem.

Please let us know,
Aslam from


Hi Aslam, I noticed that it is a feature in the appointment type … but definitely need it for date type where we are not booking appointments. This would be an important validation rule… when you don’t want the user to be able to choose from certain days of the week. My application involves deliveries… where the business doesn’t deliver on certain days of week… but they can’t guarantee a time of the day… Also, it would be confusing to present it as an “appointment” to the end user. Thank you!


Got it!

I have added that to our feature request list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Aslam from


Hi Aslam, it would also be helpful to be able to specify a start date… rather than just future dates. The reason is not every business is able to deliver today or tomorrow… they may want a 3-4 day window before they allow customers to be able to book deliveries. In fact, I just got off a call with someone and he said this is a requirement for him. Thanks again!