Creating a chatbot to answer questions about medical diseases


We want to integrate your bot to one of our client for medical,

We need some customization as per our client requirement, that we have to ask different questions for different deceases. We have to show (URL based or If any please suggest me) around 50 diseases and each disease have around 10 to 15 questions to answer with multiple options.

And we want clear the chat in chat box if patient select the another disease.

How do We integrate to your bot and how to approach this scenario.

Please suggest me. Let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,

Vishnu Vardhan Reddy N.

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Hi there,

There are 2 ways to proceed with your request.

  1. You make a single chatbot. You have to use our Logical Jump feature here to see how to change the conversation flow. First question will be select the disease and then ask the questions depending on the disease. The problem here is that, it will be tough to manage all this one bot.

  2. You make a chatbot questionnaire for each disease. If you have different URLs on the website for each of them, then you simply need to add the respective bot (the code snippet) to that page. We would recommend using GTM in this scenario

Let me know your thoughts and I may be able to help you further,
Aslam from

Hi Vishnu Vardhan Reddy N.
Did you solve you problem? I’m exact same point with same medical issue - how to make structure with different bots and how to collect all the data at the end from different bots.
Let’s contact!
Heikki from Estonia