Chatbot does not focus on the response field

Hi, LOVE the product but…

As a 20+ year UX Architect, I just wanted to share that the system not automatically setting the respondent’s focus (requiring them to click on the field before each response) makes the use of the ChatBot EXTREMELY annoying and, in my opinion, may even cause people to abandon the process.

This is a SUPER EASY fix and I cannot imagine how it was overlooked to this point.




Hi Matt,

Thanks for trying

The text focus does come for input fields, in the case of questions like Text question, Phone number and Email.

Other questions in the chatbot are interactive in nature.

If you are referring to any other aspect of the chatbot, please send us a screenshot here or mail us at and we will try to resolve the issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Aslam from

Ahhh… I see the issue. The ‘auto-focus’ does not work in design or preview mode. It actually does, as you say, work just fine in ‘live’ or stand-alone mode.

My bad!

Thanks guys.