Change width of Speech Bubble

Hi together,

is it possible to get control over the speech bubble width? We would like to have it just like on this page:

Actually I cant find an option to change settings for the speech bubbles.

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This is perfectly possible.

Simply choose ‘Embed bot inside my website’ from the publish page then copy and paste the HTML into your webpage.


thank you! But my question is, can I change the width of the speech bubbles? I want to make them larger.

Sorry, we do not let you control width of the speech bubble. That’s a design decision.

Ah too bad, I was also wondering how to make the speech bubbles bigger. The narrow speechbubbles are excellent for chats in the right corner but less suitable to replace a regular contactform.

Are there any plans to have this option in the future?

In fact, this is valid and a good suggestion.

Added this to our product roadmap.