Change Bot type to widget


Hi team my name is Prashant


I am new to this system and world. I have setup for my need


Need help.
On back end I see my chat application as follows:


In front end I see like below:

Why is that please suggest.


Can I make this as back end same to front end, if yes how.
Also is it possible to to on left or right or center as need.
Just new to all this need help and suggestion.


Can I also know how can I use same system on Facebook, is it possible


Hi there,

At the moment you are editing your bot on landing page mode.

Our bots can be used in 3 ways. If you goto Settings > General. You will find Bot type.

If you set the bot to widget mode, and goto Build > Design you will able to change the position of the chatbot widget to left/right/middle.

The landing page mode of the bot is used as a full web page and not inside another webpage. I hope this clarifies the matter.

Also our bots can be only used inside websites. They don’t work with facebook.

Aslam from