Can't get translations to show up properly


HI there!

I’m struggling to set up a translation. I’ve added the English version of the chat bot to our new website: I’ve done this by pasting the English snippet into the official plugin space in the wordpress dashboard. So far so good.

But this page is also available in German:

So I’ve created a duplicate of the bot and translated it all into German. I copy and paste the snippet into the box “ snippet” on the German home page in the dashboard - but no luck.

The German page shows the English bot, no matter what. Even if I remove the English snippet from the plugin field, and add English only to the English home page, and German to the German home page, it does not work. In fact, this way the bot does not show at all.

What am I doing wrong? All I want is for the English bot to show on all English pages, and the German bot to show on all German pages.



Hi Markus,

I have replied to your email for the same.

Have a lovely week,
Sibel from