Can we have real non-automated conversations with our visitors?

I’ve seen a lot of websites that have a real person on the other end, or if they’re not there, it’ll say something like “We’re away at the moment. We’ll get back to you!” and then prompts for an email address or something.

If I happen to be on my computer and get a message via the chatbot, is there a way for me to have a real conversation with the visitor, or hop into a real conversation? Like maybe they have a question that is unusual, so they select “other” and then a real person can hop in?

Hi there,

I believe you are asking for a human operator to jump into the conversation (Live chat functionality). This is something we don’t have at the moment.

You can provide the links to your social channels in the bot and have them chat to you via that option for now.

Please stay tuned for more updates in this regard.