Bug - it does not create other bots - max 26 bot

It doesn’t make me create more than 26 bots, how can i unlock this situation?

I have the standard subscription.

Thanks in advance to those who can help me, I have already communicated the problem to the email: hello@collect.chat

What else can i do?

Hi Claudia,

We have a routine check on some accounts, just to make sure that the account is not being exploited to make bots for others. (That’s against our terms actually)

So that’s what has happened in your case.

I checked your case. Yours in genuine and I have raised the ticket with the team to raise your bot limit.

You shall be notified by our team soon. Thanks for your patience.


We only produce bots for us, thanks for your help, I wait for you to unlock my account to create other bots.
Claudio :grinning:

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