Block time in advance


Is it possible to block time in the appointment settings.
We are open all week, but sunday mornings we are closed.
Is it possible to block the sundaymorning in the book appointment tool?


Hey there,

Have you tried the “Edit availability” option in the appointment question?

You can make slots unavailable for the entire Sunday, if that helps.

If your intention is to block just a few hours, then it’s best that you connect with Google Calendar and mark these hours in your calendar as busy.

Then the bot will not show those hour slots as available.

I hope any of the 2 suggestions will help you out.

Aslam from


Hi Aslam,
Can I have 1 bot as landingpage and as widget?

I have one popup on my website that has a link to the landingpage.
But I want to use the same bot as widget on my website.



Hi Jeroen,

Yes the same bot can be used as landing page or widget.

Inside the dashboard, if you goto Settings > General and change the bot type, you can edit the bot in the respective format.

It will be the same bot, collecting data in two ways.

You only need to make sure you give the proper design under the Build section for each bot type.