Block holidays on calendar



Hope all is well. I was wondering if there were a way to block holidays from the calendar. Or to manually block future dates. Right now it seems you can only block M-F. But this would block whatever day you select for every week.

Say today is 6/10/2021 I want to block 6/18/2021 as an unavailable date. How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Andrew,

Currently we don’t have an inbuilt calendar where you can mark unavailable dates. The best option here is to integrate your chatbot with Google Calendar -

If your chatbot is integrated with Google calendar, the bot will automatically block all slots or days which are prebooked or marked as busy in the calendar.

I hope this solution helps you out.

Aslam from


Hey Aslam. Thanks for the information. I integrated google calendar with our chatbot and marked a whole day as busy. After publishing, when I looked at availability in bot it showed the day as still being available. Also we’ll have many people booking appointments, many at the same time and day as well. Will this affect the availability? Thanks in advance