Answers from multiple variables in same question?

Again, newbie so perhaps I’m missing something, but is there no way to use the output of more than one variable in the same question?


  1. Text question – “What is your name?” (user types “Frank” for answer)
  2. Statement – “Hi @[What is yo…]” = Hi Frank
  3. Text question – “How old are you?” (user types “18” for answer)
  4. Statement – “You are @[How old ar…] years old, @[What is yo…]?”

#4 returns "You are Frank?"
In other words, the bot skips the first variable, and everything between the first @ to the second @.

So my question…how can we use the output from more than one variable in the same statement or questions?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate this issue and come up with a solution soon.

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Thank you – being able to use the output of multiple variables in a single question would be a big help.

As an update, it is now possible to use multiple variables in the same message.


That’s great news, Aslam! Thanks for the update; I’ll be sure to check it out.

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