An option to hide the "start over" icon


Is there an option, or ability, to remove the “start over” button on the upper-right? I’m hoping a way exists and I just haven’t discovered it.


Hi Ryan,

No, we don’t have such an option.

But may I ask, why do you want it though?



Hi Aslam,

I’d like to remove it because it’s has shown to cause confusion with users. They have hit it expecting it to go back one step but it instead resets the entire chat.

So between the fact that we have no need for it at all, plus it has caused confusion with users, I’d really like to be able to remove it.


I second this request. I don’t want people starting over and trying to get the chatbot to tell them something different. I want their initial (likely real) answers.

But, I’d rather see this implemented as being able to edit CSS rather then a one-off toggle. I could display:none on the start over icon and change the color of the responses background (which is important when you’re using the embed feature). I’d prefer our icon be much smaller. etc.


You may hide start over by inserting CSS to your website

#chat-bot-frame-container #chat-bot-launcher-restart {
  display:none !important;

The above CSS should do the trick.

We do not permit CSS edits within the chat conversation like changing the text size or color of the conversation and avatar size inside that chat etc…

But things outside conversation like start over icon, launcher avatar, welcome text, background colour of embed iframe are customisable using CSS overriding. You just need to inspect the respective class name and write CSS overriding our existing style.

Let me know if you have more questions on this.