An HTML field to implement a Iframe or js



I have a customer who has an account with Calendly, and another one who has a comparison engine that can be implemented with an Iframe.

A cool feature would be to add an HTML field, so that we could simply paste the code provided by third parties. We would have all sorts of simulator and forms, but within the ChatBot.

Do you think it’s possible ?



Hey there,

Thanks for that question. As of now, you cannot insert HTML content inside the chatbot. By design, we have kept the chatbot mostly about conversations. When you try to solve a lot of problems via the chatbot, the experience can be very complicated for the customer.

In your case, you can try our appointment feature to substitute Calendly. As for the comparison engine, you will need to insert the URL and take the user away from the chatbot.

I hope this is acceptable,
Aslam from


I just talk to my customer, he has a Google calendar, so the appointment feature will work for me :sunglasses:.

However, by reading the installation guide here I understand how to add my own google account.

Yet, is there a way to add someone else’s Google account in the calendar ?


One Google calendar can be collected per bot. If some one else’s account has to be connected, then they will have to login to the account and do the integration themselves.

Aslam from