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In Pricing Tab I have seen there will be 500 responses when we switch to lite plan and 1500 responses when we switch to standard plan. can any one explain me what is meant by response does it refer to any action or individuals??

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Hi Karthikeya,

One response is the conversation between the chatbot and the user. It contains all the messages that were transferred during that conversation.

When a user completes the conversation with the chatbot, all the replies received becomes part of one Complete response.

  • Only completed responses are counted for billing purposes.
  • Email notifications are only sent for such responses.

When a user drops the conversation midway without reaching the end of it, then his/her replies are recorded. This is called a Partial response. Partial responses are not considered for billing purposes. They can be viewed under the Responses tab.

Related help doc - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/60982-what-is-a-response

I hope this answers your question.


Hey guys, as you know we’re on the 1500 Plan. Just to be sure (and I think others might get confused here as well): An attempted response - e.g. you have 10 questions in your chatbot and a customer closes the conversation after 5 questions - is not counted towards my 1500 limit, right?

Thanks guys, you’re great!!!


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Hi Frank,

You are absolutely right!

5/10 is a partial response.

10/10 is the completed response and the one that is billed.

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Thanks for the reply it is very useful for me and helped me a lot

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Please can you also tell me - how may I know how many people clicked on the icon of the chat in general? Even if they haven’t answered on any question.
If I am not wrong, the count starts from the 1st click of the visitor on the 1st question.

You can use the CollectChatView event in Google Analytics to track the views on the chatbot on your page.

You will find the instructions to track your chatbot using Google Analytics here -



As of today, if you turn on Partial responses from Settings > Response > Send all responses , they will be counted towards billing! :white_check_mark: