Using 'contains' instead of 'equals' on the text quesion logical jump


Hi Aslam,

Any plans on adding ability to use ‘Jump if value conatins’ on text questions?

I think this could be a real gamechanger feature since we could define a specific answer fo keywords in the user’s question.


Hi there,

Thanks for the question.

It was a conscious design decision to not have “contains” in the Logical jump settings.

Having such a feature will make the bot more of a keyword based bot, whereas we designed the bot to be more interactive in nature.

More clicking and less typing is what we encourage.

That’s where we have seen more engagements and conversions happen.

In your context, can you share what was the type of question you intended to add to the bot, if “contains” was available?

Perhaps I can suggest alternative approaches to extract the same data through interaction.

Aslam from