Changelog / Updates



July 2019

  • Added NPS type question
  • Added automatic page redirect after any question using logical jump
  • Added meeting confirmation and cancellation emails to the invitee
  • Added google sheets and google calendar integrations

June 2019

  • Added social media links to landing page bots
  • Added MailChimp integration
  • Added Native Zapier integrations
  • Added option for multiple webhooks with pause

May 2019

  • Added file upload question
  • Added drag and drop for adding new questions
  • Added video background for landing page bots

April 2019

  • Added appointment booking with time slot blocking
  • Launched custom designs for full page chatbots

March 2019

  • Added image upload to all questions
  • Added image upload inside the question statements
  • Added conversation history for repeating user
  • Added optional email/webhook for incomplete responses

February 2019

  • Launched Javascript API and Developers Hub
  • Added duplication of questions
  • Added Search feature to templates page

January 2019

  • Changed google analytics events to non-interactive type so that bounce is unaffected
  • Fixed 1000 responses limit in the response and insights pages
  • Added monthly response count tracking in the account page

December 2018

  • Made optional error message for suggest type questions
  • Fixed embedding issues for few oEmbed providers like
  • Added fullscreen compatibility for videos inside chatbot

November 2018

  • Added settings to configure opening social links in the same page or new tab
  • Made saving responses on server optional for strict HIPAA / GDPR compliance

October 2018

  • Added option to add videos inside the bot
  • Added better filtering in the response list page
  • Added option to add suffix and prefix to range questions

September 2018

August 2018

July 2018

  • Added Account page for email or password changes
  • Updated widget code to more modern and compatible one.

June 2018

  • Added link based preview in bot preview page.
  • Fixed timezone issues in response list.
  • Launched official blog including case studies.

May 2018

  • Migrated widget to new CDN for better Reliability and Compression See Details
  • Added Logical jump in Rating questions.
  • Added new set of templates and improved existing ones.

April 2018

  • Added new API methods and Content Types in integration.
  • Added Embeddable bot for Medium blog posts.
  • Improved email notifications.

March 2018

  • Fixed bugs like Random characters in exported CSV, Incorrect question deletion.
  • Added translation for calendar strings in date picker question.
  • Added custom reply to option in notification emails.

February 2018

  • Added option to disable bot from dashboard instead of removing code snippet.
  • Started the affiliate program.
  • Added easy navigation of logic jump on the Script section.
  • Added value reusing feature in the form of variables.

January 2018

  • Added option to auto hide the bot when Live Chat agent is online on the webpage.
  • Added IP address tracking of visitors.
  • Started automated custom invoicing system.

December 2017

  • Added option to name bots.
  • Added optional back button for questions.
  • Moved email server to AWS SES for faster and better notification emails.
  • Added step in range picker.

November 2017

  • Added preview mode to prevent counting responses created from the dashboard.
  • Added template page and one-click bot from templates.
  • Launched community.
  • Fixed issues in Internet Explorer.
  • Added logical jump for text and suggestion based questions.
  • Added option to view page which response is collected on dashboard response page.
  • Added option to upload custom avatar via the dashboard.
  • Added switch to remove branding via the dashboard.
  • Added option to add multiple emails for notification.

October 2017

  • Added payment integration with Stripe.
  • Added option to create unlimited chatbots.
  • Added origin URL of response. The URL from where the response was recorded will be provided in the email notification.

September 2017

  • Added option for sending notifications to custom email address.
  • Added official WordPress plugin.
  • Added Google Analytics tracking. Using the tracking id of Google Analytics, chatbot conversations can be easily tracked.
  • Added hidden fields. Every question can be assigned a “key”, which can be sent along with the webhook to integrate with external tools.

August 2017

  • Launched the product
  • Added translation. The chatbot can be built in any UNICODE supported language.
  • Added logical jump. The chatbot can be configured to choose conversations based on user replies.
  • Added date filter. Responses can now be selected for a custom date range.

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